About The Series

Presented by Baker Renewable Energy, the Berger Hardware Bikes, Cross Central NC series started, in it’s fledgling stage as simply the BHB Spring Hill Cross in 2011. We went out on a limb that year and with help from the Baxter family, we introduced Free racing for Juniors. The series had 60-100 participants/ day, which wasn’t a lot, but the energy was extremely high. it was truly a party. In subsequent years we’ve grown, slowly and sustainably and Baker Renewable Energy has been along for the ride since the beginning as have folks like Todd Hunter of Wenzell Coaching and the boys and girls from Revolution Cycle Sport-

The Series has evolved into a 7 race series with races in Raleigh, Goldsboro, Chapel Hill and Durham. Each race has it’s own individual flair and is actually run by it’s very own director.  The racers compete for overall prizes as they accumulate results based points at each, individual race.

At the BHB Cross Central NC Series, p/b Baker Renewable Energy, we seek to grow the sport of cycling, from a perspective that embraces both recreational and top-level competitive cycling. We want to show that bikes are fun and bring people and a community together and that riding a bike is fun, getting on a bike and competing is fun, and spectating a bike race is fun.

Please come out and have some fun, race, ride, spectate and above all, enjoy.  We look forward to seeing you out there.